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Our firm & philosophy


As a traditional family business with more than 40 years history and presence in the jewelry world, we attain, experience, expertise, equipped workshop, quality and originality. The design and production of small scale sculputers, constant renewal of goods, mostly 100% handmade jewelry, quick and direct customer contact, place us domestically at a not at all insignificant position.

Our concern is for our jewelery to be worn by women of all ages as well as of all different stylistic preferences. We marry the modern with the classic and succeed in doing so at a satisfactory level. We want our jewelry to be simple, feminine and exude an air of elegance.


To be worn from morning to evening and at all circumstances. To become one with the woman, for her to feel comfortable with those to the point of forgetting that she is wearing them and for the jewelry to become an integral part of her and an extension of her personality. To give her something extra that emphasizes and highlights her appearance without overshadowing her. The main source of our inspiration is located in the moto “LESS IS MORE” with a touch of shine, achieved by the beauty that our mineral stones give.


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