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Workshop Nikos Kyriazopoulos

In the beginning of the 1970s Nikos Kyriazopoulos starts his training in silver-gold smithery and a while after he opens his own workshop, designing and creating objects and pieces of jewelry. The main source of inspiration for his creations is the Greek jewelry technic of the Byzantine and Archaic era.

In 1995 he gets to know the architect and painter Dimitrios Talaganis. They begin to create works based on designs of the latter, intended to be offered as gifts to officials.


2000- Golden kotinos- award for the International High Jump Meeting

1999-“Disc of Truce”, as a gift to the President of the USA Bill Klinton. The same piece of art was offered to the King of Spain Juan Carlos

1998- Crosier for Peace for the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch, Patriarch Bartholomew II

1997- Kotinos for the winners of the Marathon of the 11th World Championship of Athletics. The same Kotinos was offered to the President of the Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch.


1996- Award for the Greek Olympic gold-medal winner Nikos Kaklamanakis.


Piece of art created by Nikos Kyriazopoulos and D. Talaganis was offered as a gift to Raisa Gorbachev


Other activities

2003-2005 Nikos Kyriazopoulos cooperates with a collection items’ promotion company (ancient coins, medals (museum replicas) depicting the ancient Olympic sports)


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